How to open your home page

Everybody, who has an account on MIS computer system, can open world wide web home page. Please make a file under your home directory such as;
Then people on internet can access your home page (index.html) via following URL.
Once you have make you home page, you will have small house icon beside your name on Staff List page if you are staff. In case of student, your name will be listed on Student Home Pages. These lists are updated once in a day at 5am.

* Note for staff
If you already have your home page on another www site, and you want to make a link from Staff List, please contact to otoiawase.mis . ( To contact us, please change first "." to "@" )

* Note for students
If you have ~/public_html/index.html, your name will be listed on Students List as

Here, the string "RealName" is taken from "finger" information. If you want, you can have display any massages instead of this string.

Please make files such as;

Then, the contents of file "appeal-e.html" will be shown instead of "RealName". "-e" means English, thus the contents of "appeal-j.html" will be displayed on Japanese version of Student List . If you cannot write Japanese, just make a symbolic link from "appeal-e.html" to "appeal-j.html".

For example, if you write one line as

/ Jody Foster -- Huge database about Hiroshima City!
on "appeal-e.html", then your list will come as;

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